Installing SRP racing pedals on your vehicle is a straightforward process. Here are the basic steps to install them using the provided hardware. These are "typical" instructions, some vehicles will be different. Installation usually takes less than an hour.  Once installed the pedals will be a part of your car with no chance of coming off.

Tools You'll Need:

Philips Screwdriver
Drill and drill bits
Safety Glasses

Installation Steps:

Prepare Your Workspace:
Make sure the area where you'll be working is well-lit and free of any debris. Wear safety glasses

 Brake and clutch:

  • Remove the factory rubber covers.  Place the SRP racing pedal on the existing pedal in your vehicle and mark the location of at least three mounting holes. Remove the pedal so that if you slip or your bit breaks you won't damage the SRP pedal. Carefully drill the first hole. It's usually easier to start with a small pilot hole then step the size up to the final drill bit. The final drill bit will be slightly larger than the machine screws to allow the screws to pass through the holes you drilled.
  • Put the SRP pedal back in place and put a machine screw through the hole and verify the pencil marks for the remaining holes are still good. Remove pedal and continue this process for the remaining screws.
  • Attach the brake and clutch with machine screws and lock nuts. Get the nuts tight but do not overtighten.
  • If the pedals don't look even you can loosen the nuts and rotate the pedals slightly. If needed the holes can be enlarged to allow more rotation.
Gas and footrest:
  • Place the SRP gas pedal over the factory pedals and mark the holes to be drilled.
  • Drill the holes with a small drill bit - 7/64" is probably as large as you'll need as the pedal is plastic. The gas and footrest mount using the pointy tipped screws.
  • Attach the pedals by turning the screws into the factory pedals, they will tap their own holes


Test the Pedals:

  • Before you finish the installation, test the pedals to ensure they are secure and function properly. Press on each pedal to make sure it responds as expected.
  • Ensure the pedals are positioned so that you are not hitting the gas pedal while braking unintentionally.

Remove any debris or tools from the work area, and make sure everything is secure and in its proper place.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines provided with the SRP racing pedals. Additionally, consider consulting a professional if you are unsure about any step in the installation process or if you want to ensure the pedals are securely and safely installed.

Racing Pedals are intended for off-road use only.